Even if we don’t believe in love at first sight, the first date is the best environment to make a great impression. There are numerous things to look out for, to avoid, or to focus on – from both sides. We interviewed men to set up a list of things you might want to avoid as a woman on a first date.

Tip #1 – Being late

The more you need to wait for a woman, the more interesting she gets, they say. The unfortunate truth is a strict opposite! Being late was considered somewhat sexy and trendy before, probably no one knows the reason though, but in 2020 arriving 30 minutes after the agreed time is considered rude and will be seen as a red flag from the man’s side.

It is not simply that our date’s patience is going to be put to the test, but what if he carefully organized a series of events throughout the evening, for which he needs everything in place at the right time? And even if it is not the case, being late sends a message that something is not important enough for us to handle with priority.

Tip #2 – Ex-stories

It is a serious no-go on a first date. If you are not over your ex, don’t go to a date, or at least try to avoid speaking about the person all the time. Don’t get us wrong, a nice story from your past is more than okay. Share past experiences, because good laughter is going to bring you two closer to each other. Using a date as a free therapy session about your last relationship won’t.

Tip #3 – Being silent

There are extroverted people, who love to listen to their own voice, while there are introverted people, who are more of a silent type. While you might enjoy the night listening to your date speaking, it is wise to drive the conversation from time to time with a question. If you don’t ask any questions, it sends a false message that you are not interested at all. Even short and less-meaningful questions, like ‘Really?’ or ‘And what happened afterward?’ are pushing the communication forward and the other side will understand it as you being dedicated and attentive.

Tip #4 – Checking your phone

Both participants should avoid using their phones throughout the date. Put it away, set it to silent mode. It is definitely not a women-only activity, but the ‘fear of missing out’ drives many of us crazy and makes us check out smartphones every 30-60 seconds. This, however, sends two messages parallel to the other side: your date will think that he is not important or interesting enough to catch and keep your attention, which will erode interests quickly. It also will show you as undedicated or unfocused, which is a clear red flag to many men.

Try to keep the above rules for a successful first date and to make a great first impression. If you don’t feel interested enough to dedicate your focused attention to your date, he might be not the one for you. For more relationship and dating advice, check out our blog at https://romantic4play.com/en/blog-2/.

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